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Since its creation in 1997, Angelcare®, a Canadian company based in Montreal, has committed itself to be a pioneer in baby safety through its designing and manufacturing of nursery monitors.

The Angelcare® concept came from Mr. Maurice Pinsonnault, a new father overwhelmed with anxiety which all new parents face. Traditionally, nursery monitors can only transmit sound and not able to detect when the baby stops moving. That's how Angelcare was born.

Angelcare® manufactures nursery monitors that are incomparable to others sold on the market. The Angelcare® Movement & Sound Monitor has an under-the-mattress Sensor Pad which detects all of the baby's movements, even the slightest breathing movement, and also transmits clear sound reception. An alarm sounds after 20 seconds if no movement (even the slightest breathing movement) is detected.

Angelcare® has quickly established itself on the market as a staple in baby safety. International distribution is developing at a fast rate in over 40 countries worldwide. With proper understanding of Angelcare's technology and its uniqueness in the marketplace, the Angelcare Movement & Sound Monitor will see an outstanding growth in all territories.

Angelcare® has since won much international design and consumer awards since 1998 and was even featured as one of the Best Invention for Year 2000 in TIMES Magazine. Many parents today recognise Angelcare Movement & Sound Monitor as one of the essential piece of equipment during their baby’s first few years. Using Angelcare®, many parents now have a better night sleep and peace of mind.

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Angelcare® is now available in ASEAN countries. Purchases made with our authorised retailers and resellers in Singapore are covered with a 1-year warranty.