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Should I lay my baby directly on the Sensor pad?

The Sensor Pad is design to work under a mattress, baby is never in contact with the Sensor pad.

Can the Angelcare® Movement & Sound Monitor be use for sound only?

Yes, at the touch of a button.

How long can I use the Angelcare® Movement Monitor?

Our survey shows that the Movement Monitor is use on an average for 14 months. However, the sound monitor can be used as long as you find it deem appropriate.

What happens if my baby moves into a corner, off the area above the sensor pad?

Not a problem. The Angelcare® Movement Monitors have adjustable sensitivity to detect movement anywhere on the crib mattress.

We have a spring base crib. Can we still use Angelcare® Movement Monitors?

Yes. Do place a piece of plywood measuring at least 400mm x 600mm x 6mm (16"X 24" by 1/4") on the spring base.

Can the Sensor pad detect my baby's movements through any type of mattress?

Yes. The Sensor pad works under any standard crib mattress.

What happens in the event of a power failure?

Angelcare® Movement Monitors will automatically convert to battery mode. This mode works only when there are working batteries in both units.