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YEAR 2010

I'm very thankful that this monitor exists, 15 July, 2010
Reviewer: Dom

First a little background on myself and the condition this product is supposed to help prevent. I've worked in the medical field for over 20 years and I've had the misfortune to treat well over a dozen SIDS cases. One of the big knocks you'll see against this product on other review sites is that it will do nothing to prevent SIDS. Such reviews are usually followed by a personal story about how the reviewer had a child who died from SIDS or they had a friend who had a child who died of SIDS, and that they were told by the doctor that there was absolutely nothing that could have been done to save the child...that even if they had been there to witness the child stop breathing, that the child still would have died. I'm sorry to have to break this to everyone, but that's simply untrue. All of us in the medical profession, from doctors to nurses to paramedics, are taught in our basic training to tell parents this. I've told parents this countless times myself. Parents are already grieving enough when they lose a child, the last thing they need is to spend the rest of their life thinking they could have done something. The truth is that if someone had been there at the moment the baby stopped breathing, something MIGHT have been able to be done to save them. We just don't know because every case is different. Remember that SIDS is a diagnosis of exclusion. It's not a disease or other pathological process that "shuts down all the vital organs one by one" (as one reviewer claimed). What this means is that if a baby under 1 year old dies for no other identifiable reason, they're automatically stamped "SIDS," case closed. A good number of babies who die of "SIDS" are believed to die from some unexplained sudden apnea, whether it be too many blankets smothering the child or whether the baby simply "forgot" to breath, as some doctors believe. If a child suffers some sudden period of apnea, a person who is there immediately MAY be able to save them through waking the child or through mouth to mouth breathing. That is medical fact based on years of research. Hospital don't use $5000 infant apnea monitors for no reason. If they did no good no one would use them. This product, when used correctly, functions as a very suitable apnea monitor, and at a cheaper price.
All that is my way of saying we love this monitor. With my medical background and having witnessed the tragedy of SIDS many times, I'm hyper paranoid when it comes to our new daughter. I'll do anything and spend any amount of money to make sure I've done everything within my power to keep her safe. This product gives us peace of mind and allows us to sleep a little better at night. We've had no false alarms so far and the sound quality seems just fine. The night light function is pretty cool too. My only complaint would be it's not the easiest thing to set up initially. Sit down with a cup of coffee and be prepared to play with a lot to get it working just right.

YEAR 2009

I'm very thankful that this monitor exists, 10 May, 2009
Reviewer: Carolyn Lewis

I had heard the alarm go off and in the past had a few false alarms. But I raced into the room to find my son Alexander with his blanket over his face and pressed against the bumper pad. I threw the blanket off and he took this huge gasping breath. I really believe if not for this monitor alarming me of the slowing down of his breathing I would have lost him. I'm very thankful that this monitor exists. I am now using it for my newborn daughter. I hope to never hear the alarm but no it can help me save her if it does go off.

I would recommend this product to everyone, 27 April, 2009
Reviewer: Mandy Olstad

After having my first son 7 weeks early, my husband and I decided the Angel monitor was the best fit for us. We needed a monitor that would let us know if our baby stopped breathing , as he had done several times in the hospital. One week after being home from the hospital the alarm went off. As much as you never want to hear the awful beeping , I was thankful I did. Our son had forgot to breathe,and we would have never of known. We just had our second son five months ago and he made it to full term. So I didn't anticipate any problems.

Last night I woke up to the alarm. I ran in his room and just like his brother he was completely lethargic. As soon as I picked him up and shook him a little he woke up. I was told that it is common for babies to sometimes forget to breathe, but I don't even want to think of what would have happened if I didn't have this monitor.

As far as I'm concerned you cannot put a price on this product. I am so thankful to all the people involved in making such a great monitor.

Whenever I hear people say they just bought a "cheap monitor" I cringe. I can sleep at night knowing that my baby is safe.

I would recommend this product to everyone. You can't put a price on your child's safety.

Thank You Angelcare, 20 March, 2009
Reviewer: Kirsten Hany

My son Phillip was born in June of 2008 a healthy and happy baby. He was welcomed home by big sister Grace and thus our family was complete. A friend allowed us to borrow her Angelcare monitor becuase I was so fearful of SIDS that I was not getting ANY sleep. She suggested I use it as "peace of mind". Exactly 5 days after beging to use the Angelcare monitor (Phillip was 9 weeks old at the time) my husband and I were startled awake at 2:00am to the sound of the alarm. We both began running to the nursery.

I even remember thinking in my head, it must be a false alarm or he must have rolled off the sensory pad. As we came upon the crib Phillip was still laying in the same place, still face up, but was absolutely motionless. I began to vigorously rub his chest and after a few seconds he gasped for air and began crying. We had him checked head to toe at the emergency room and they could find nothing wrong with him. The best that the doctor could come up with is that his brain, in its immature state, forgot to tell his body to breath. I am convinced (as is my doctor) that without that monitor we would not have our son with us today. Thank you does not do justice to the gratitude I feel for your company.

The Best Money We've Ever Spent, January 14, 2009
Reviewer: Jennifer

As first time parents, we got this product mainly for peace of mind. My husband thought that it was gimmicky at first, but was all for it so I would feel better. However, as time went on, we both became more and more impressed with how the monitor worked. Our daughter is 10 weeks old and she has not laid down for so much as a nap without the monitor being turned on. We have never had a false alarm or any problems with static or interference.

I never thought that Angelcare monitor would be used for anything other than peace of mind. However, in the middle of the night a few weeks ago, the alarm went off. My husband and I jumped up and ran to her room. Our daughter wasn't breathing. My husband shook her and yelled for her to wake up. We performed CPR and she finally started to stir.

I truly believe that this product saved my daughter's life. The ER doctor told us buying this monitor was the best money we've ever spent. I have to agree.

The ONLY thing I would change about this monitor is the low battery warning. The low battery beep is the same as the 15 second warning beep, which caused us to run to the crib once in the middle of the night in a panic. No biggie- I just keep the monitor in the base at night now.

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YEAR 2007

This should be a mandatory product, August 22, 2007
Reviewer: Stephanie Martinek

We got the Angelcare monitor as a baby gift and this past weekend our daughter who is 3 1/2 months old stopped breathing while sleeping. We would never have known if it wasn't for this product. She is now under doctor's care and on a home monitor to try and figure out what caused this all of a sudden. Thank you for saving our little girls life. This should be a mandatory product to take your child home just like a carseat.

vous avez reçu une histoire!, July 13, 2007
Reviewer: Betty Donatt

I got the Angelcare system as a present in my daughter's baby shower.

My baby was 4 weeks old, and I still hadn't use it. When I was checking my I read, a pop up window appeared, talking about SIDS, by curiosity I click on it, and sadly I read all this stories about parents whom had lost their babies to SIDS. Then I got worried, wich I didn't before because I have a 7 and 6 year old, older daughters, so I though the device wasn't really necesary, but as I read I became concerned, and at that right moment I went open the box, and put it to use. I put my baby to sleep, and an hour later, I was reading on my bed, when the first loud tick sound, so I inmediatly check my baby, her stomach was moving slightly, but the monitor detect no movement, in effect, her tummy was slowly moving up and down, but she wasn't breathing....the alarm went off, so I shake her softly, that's when I discover she wasn't breathing because as soon as I shake her, she got a big gasp of air. It was the first time I used the system, and I am very thankfull that I did. I dont wanna think about what could of happend if that pop up window haven't opened in my computer. Pheraphs it was a God's message..! I have no idea, why I didn't use it since my daughter came home from the hospital, but I sure do Know, that there wont be one night I will forget to use the angel care system. For as long as she can use it.

Thanks to God, I have my daughter with me, and thanks to him for allowe you to create such a wonderfull care system. It should be by law for each child to have one. Just like car seats, It could help save so many innocent lives! Thank you!

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YEAR 2006

A True Life Saver , September 06, 2006
Reviewer: Heather R

This monitor is a true life saver. My son is a bit of a restless sleeper, and tends to kick and squirm a bit. He usually squirmed off the pad in the middle of the night, making the alarm go off regularly. One night I had put him down to sleep in his swaddling blanket, and the alarm sounded... again. This time it wasn't a false. He had wiggled down into the swaddling blanket until it fully covered his face. If it wasn't for this monitor, my son might not be here today. I just wish the sensor pad was a bit larger, for those of us who have little restless sleepers.

Love This Product, September 06, 2006
Reviewer: Rachel L

I think this monitor saved my baby's life last night. She had gotten her DTaP vaccine yesterday. The monitor alarmed three times last night, and I think the sound jolted her back in to breathing each time. LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!

Performs Exactly as Advertised, September 03, 2006
Reviewer: Nick

This is a solid product that performs exacty as advertised. Unfortunately, in cases like ours, where our son's room has poor air circulation and can heat up quite quickly, a ceiling fan can negate use of the movement sensor. The alarm is of little use to us if we can't use the sensor and the ceiling fan at the same time. The motion pad is simply too sensitive, and was tricked by subtle movement outside of the crib, including our 50-lb golden retriever, even on the lowest setting. If the only thing moving in your nursery is your baby, buy this monitor.

A Must Have, August 30, 2006
Reviewer: Katie B

This monitor is a must-have for any new parent. We must have tested the monitor 20 times by picking our preemie son up out of his cradle and were so pleased when the alarm sounded every time. It even goes off if they scoot themselves off the pad! Thanks to this monitor, I was able to sleep at night.

Peace of Mind, August 28, 2006
Reviewer: Leslie

This system has definitely given us peace of mind due to the movement sensor. However, the sound monitor has always been fuzzy. So we love the movement sensor but it would be great if Angelcare updated the sound monitor to where we didn't here static all night.

Help Me Sleep Better, August 24, 2006
Reviewer: Gabriel M

After loosing a child to SIDs I felt it my duty to buy this product. To help me sleep better and to assure that my child was out of harms way. I highly suggest this product.

Best Monitor Ever, August 22, 2006
Reviewer: Jessica H

Best monitor ever! I used it with my first child and I'm using it again for my second baby. It's so sensitive that when my baby was sleeping near the bumper of her crib, the alarm sounded because it could feel my baby breathing any more. She was fine, just out of range. But it works. Plus you can still hear anything that happens in the room also. With this monitor I will never have to worry about SIDS.

A Must-have, July 24, 2006
Reviewer: Shelly D

I could have never slept without it! It allowed me to rest easily knowing that it monitors my child's breathing. This is a must-have. This is one investment you absolutely need.

This Monitor is Perfect, July 19, 2006
Reviewer: Vanessa

This monitor is perfect because it detects the baby's breathing and if he moves to the other side of the crib. Sometimes it did go off but I was so relieved to find out it was because he decided to sleep on the other side of the crib. My baby is now 19 months old and I still use it because he likes to sleep with a blanket and I feel so secure. Why buy the other monitors that just detect the baby's cry when you can have this one that detects the baby's breathing and cry.

Highly Recommended, July 18, 2006
Reviewer: Raifah C

By far this is the best monitor I have ever seen! I have been using it for my 10-month-old since birth and I have never felt so comfortable. My husband and I feel much better sleeping and knowing that our child's breathing is being monitored. I highly recommend this product.

Every Mom Needs One, July 28, 2006
Reviewer: Pamela A. Bruns "new mommy", boonton, nj
Words cannot express how thankful I am that I purchased this product!!! I've taken every possible SIDS precaution for my son who will was 16 weeks old on 7/24/06. The precaution I "ignored" was that I put fabric bumpers in the crib. I even have a sleep positioner with humps to "hold him in place".

At 5am today, 7/26/06, the Angelcare Monitor sounded and my husband and I ran into his room to find that he had not only "escaped" the sleep positioner, but also that he had buried his face into the bumpers and was not able to breathe. Luckily, we were able to pull him away and get him breathing within a few seconds. Needless to say, the bumpers were removed immediately and will not be put in the crib again.

Thank God for this monitor and that I found it, after just about every person I know called me paranoid for buying it and being so worried about SIDS.

Every mother to be should be told about your product and should own one!! I truly believed it saved my son's life today. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Every parent needs one, July 13, 2006
Reviewer: Charity F

This monitor is the only reason I got any sleep with a newborn. Every new parent needs one. The only negative I have is that it drains batteries very quickly, so stock up if you plan to go unplugged.

We Slept Peacefully, July 09, 2006
Reviewer: Christy

We purchased this monitor before our baby arrived and I was not sure if we would use it since she slept in the pack n play in our bedroom. However, when she began rolling over onto her stomach in her sleep (at 4 months), we hooked this up in her crib in the nursery. Although we were not anticipating moving her to her crib yet, we slept peacefully (finally) with this monitor hooked up. It does work, because it will alarm if we take her out of the crib without turning the sensor off. This definitely is a product that I could not live without!

We Sleep Much Better, July 08, 2006
Reviewer: Melissa D

This monitor is the best. It really does work. It is so sensitive that we can't have our overhead fan on when our daughter is sleeping because it senses the motion from the breeze. We sleep much better with this device in our daughters cradle.

The Best Baby Monitor, July 05, 2006
Reviewer: Nicole

The best baby monitor ever! I have used this monitor in my daughter's bassinet and now in her crib and it really does work. My husband was quite the critic when we got it as a shower gift I proved him wrong! The movement sensor really is sensitive enough to detect a newborn breathing. It gives us peace of mind that our little angel is safe and sound while sleeping.

A Must Have, July 01, 2006
Reviewer: Kristen l

This is a must have for new moms and dads!!! If it wasn't for this product, my husband and I would be getting no sleep. Our daughter, who is now 6 months, has had this in her pack ‘n play and now her crib since birth. She sleeps more soundly because mom and dad are not constantly touching her to make sure she's still breathing! It gives you a peace of mind and much needed sleep!!!

Fantastic item, Feb 2, 2006
Reviewer: S. Howe

Serves as both a motion sensor and a sound monitor. Works perfectly. Great range. We're very pleased with this item -- has brought much peace of mind.

Reviewer: Baby Bear "Erica S." (Wilmington, NC USA)

My son is four months old & I've been using it for about 1 month now since he started sleeping in his crib. I like many other mother must say this is the only reason I get any sleep at night. I love the fact that there is no interference & it will pick up the slightest noise in the room. To this day I have not had any false alarms, but if I did that's ok. It great to know that it doesn't just detect movement, but also when they breathe too. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!!!!

Reviewer: A. Palau , Florida

It was Sunday, January 15 and my husband and I were sound asleep. All of a sudden a hear the alarm from the monitor go off and when I went into my daughter's room, she was facing down on her crib (she turned on her own; she does not sleep on her belly) and I went to turn her and she was blue.

It was the most horrific experience my husband and I have ever been through. I screamed for my husband and he came in and gave her rescue breathing (CPR) and with his first breathe, she came back to life. I was on the phone with 911 as he was performing his second breathe and she came back to her normal self 20 minutes later.

We don't know how long she was without breathing, but thanks to the monitor, we were alerted in time to save her life. We only have had 2 false alarms since she was born (she is 4 months old) because she was deep sleeping. Two false alarms is nothing compared to the fact that you can feel comfortable knowing this product does work and can save your baby.

Peace of Mind, Jan 14, 2006
Reviewer: Mina Fried 'new mom'

I love this monitor. I received it as a gift for my shower and used it when my son started sleeping in his crib. I was able to get much better sleep knowing that it would go off if something was wrong. Even though a lot of mom's say they totally trust it, I still go in to check on him occasionally. I trust myself more then a machine to check to make sure my son is OK.

You do have to get a board to put under your crib so that the sensor has something flat to lay on, which you can get at Home Depot. One gripe I have about it is, if you take your child out to feed him in the middle of the night, you have to remember to turn the sensor off or the alarm will go off. About 100 times, I would be sitting in the glider and the alarm will go off cause I would forget to move the switch. It always scares me and wakes up everyone in the house cause the alarm is so loud. If you are a really nervous mom, this wouldn't bother you though.
When you start feeling more comfortable about your baby sleeping by himself, you don't have to use the sensor.

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